How to clean and disinfect your workspace during the winter season

Winter Germs and Your Workspace: How to Keep Things Clean and Avoid Illness

The winter season is a great time of year. The holidays are around the corner, and there’s a sense of excitement in the air. However, it’s also cold and flu season. And this year, we’re faced with an additional challenge: COVID-19. So, how can you keep your workspace clean and disinfected during this winter season? Read on to find out.

First things first, let’s differentiate between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning removes dirt, dust, and other debris from surfaces. When you clean something, you’re not necessarily killing germs; you’re just making it visibly clean. Disinfecting, on the other hand, uses chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. For the purpose of winter disinfection, we want to focus on surfaces that are commonly touched, such as doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, countertops, etc.

Cleaning and disinfecting your workspace is important for two reasons. First, it helps to prevent the spread of illness-causing germs. Second, it helps to create a more comfortable and pleasant work environment for everyone.

There are a few simple steps you can take to clean and disinfect your workspace during the winter season. Here’s what you need to do:

Cleaning surface

Dust and vacuum regularly

Dust can accumulate quickly during the winter, so make sure to dust your furniture and surfaces at least once a week. This will help to remove any allergens or pollutants that may be trapped in the dust. Just like dust, dirt and debris can accumulate quickly on carpets and floors during the winter. Be sure to vacuum your carpets at least once a week, and mop your hard floors as needed.

Clean your windows and blinds, also Disinfect surfaces.

Winter weather can be tough on windows and blinds. Be sure to clean them regularly to remove any build-up of dirt or grime. Countertops, door handles, keyboards, phones, and other frequently used surfaces should be disinfected daily using a safe and effective cleaner such as Clorox wipes or Lysol spray.


Personal Protective Equipment

Another way to prevent the spread of germs is to use personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes things like gloves, masks, and face shields. Employees who are regularly in contact with customers or who work in close proximity to others should consider wearing PPE during the winter months. This will help to protect them from exposure to germs and will also help prevent them from passing any illnesses they may have on to others.

As we head into winter and cold & flu season this year, it’s more important than ever to keep our workplaces clean and disinfected. By taking some simple steps—such as wiping down commonly touched surfaces with an alcohol-based cleaner or using an electrostatic sprayer to mist a room with disinfectant—we can help prevent the spread of illnesses and keep our employees healthy all season long.

But if you don’t have the time or are looking for a professional cleaning and disinfecting company, we are ready to help keep your workplace healthy all winter!

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