Difference Between Office and Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Is There a Difference Between Office and Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services?

When you hire a cleaning service for your residence or office, you want to know that the service is trustworthy. Generally, the bigger the office, the more you’ll need to pay if you employ professional cleaning services. If you’ve hired a professional office cleaning company, you are likely aware of their many advantages.

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What your customers see?

Today, businesses rely heavily on their websites to draw customers. But I want you to forget about the design of your web pages and the UX and UI for a moment and think about what the customer sees when they walk into your physical office.

Can you honestly say that the customer will walk into a clean, organized, inviting environment? Or are they greeted with floors wet with mud prints, stained carpets, cobwebs, fingerprints on the doorknobs and a foul smell from the office kitchen?

What is an Office Cleaning service?

Office cleaning is a job that requires a bit more skill than knowing how to turn on the vacuum cleaner, which is why it’s better left to professionals. But it’s often easy to get overwhelmed. For instance, should you hire a regular office cleaning company, or do you need more a commercial cleaning services?

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Is there really a difference that you need to pay attention to?

The truth is, your confusion is more or less for naught as these two can be used rather interchangeably. Yes, there are some differences, but these are minor. As far as the services provided, you’ll get pretty much the same from an office cleaning company as you’d get from commercial janitorial cleaning services.

The only “real” difference between the two is that commercial janitorial cleaning services in Toronto provide more regular services such as trash removal, replacing paper towels and toilet paper in your office bathroom, refilling liquid soap dispensers and so on.

On the other hand, commercial office cleaners will often be called for “heavier” cleaning jobs such as cleaning and polishing windows, carpet shampooing and such.

But overall, these two terms are used so interchangeably today that you’ll see a lot of janitorial cleaning companies offering cleaning services you’d typically see from regular commercial office cleaners and vice versa.

So, in the end, the question is not really who you should hire between these two, but you need to dig much more profound and carefully consider each cleaning company candidate. That’s where you’ll see the differences between them and trulyhonestly if they fit your particular needs.

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