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Dirt can permanently damage your floor when you don’t clean it consistently. Make sure all of your floors remain clean with high-quality waxing services from The New Canadian Cleaning Company. The right floor waxing service will decrease the floor deterioration by 80% and keep the floor shiny and tidy.

How Often Should You Strip and Wax a Floor?

We recommend striping and waxing your floor professionally at least twice a year. Requesting this service consistently can guarantee your floor’s longevity, and especially if you request this service with The New Canadian Cleaning Company you can even get it waxed once a year now that we use the highest quality wax that completely restores your floor and makes your place look good as new.

Cleaning machine washing the floor in a shopping mall

Stripping and Waxing Procedure

We start this procedure by moving away any objects or furniture and passing a dust mop to remove any dirt in the working area. Then, we make sure we are following all health and safety measures and start mixing the stripper solution with water in a mop bucket. Later on, we flood the floor with the stripping solution and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, we start removing the old wax with a buffer and a heavy duty scrub pad, making sure we are not only removing the wax from the floor but also the edges. After, we sweep, vacuum, and mop the area to make sure the old wax is well removed, and we add at least 5 coats of the new wax and let it dry.

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