Five Tips To Make Your House Spotless

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When you notice the dust and grime layer that’s been building up in your home, you feel dread in the air because you have to clean It. However, you can eliminate that feeling by adopting a cleaning routine that’s easier and faster to complete. It will reduce the amount of elbow grease and save valuable time. To help you get your home sparkling clean like before, The New Canadian Cleaning Company has listed five tips to make your house spotless. Keep reading to know what they are.

Tip #1: Arrange your house for easy cleaning
Make a to-do list so that you know which task you need to tackle first. For example, cleaning one room at a time, moving of furniture, clearing away the clutter, and so on. This will help you with time management and reduce the toil of cleaning. 

Tip #2: Clean the common area and dining room first
This is one of the most effortless room that requires dry cleaning methods like dusting and sweeping. Although, if necessary, move to wet methods like using a cleaner solution and mopping on surfaces when there’s a buildup of stubborn dirt.

Tip #3: Wipe down that kitchen 
Grease splatter on walls, messy countertops, unwashed dishes, dirty appliances, etc., your kitchen area will really need a thorough wipe down. Plot an approach by spraying on tough grime with a cleaning solution and moving on to cleaning out the fridge, arranging the pantry so that the cleaner does the dirty work. Once the clutter is cleared, come back and wipe clean.

Tip #4: Clean the bathroom 
Similarly to the kitchen approach, spray down the tub, sink, and toilet bowl with the cleaning solution. This will make the scrubbing much more comfortable and quicker. Make sure also to clean the bathroom vanity, mirror, and showerheads!

Tip #5: Use the right equipment 
Carry the right cleaning accessories and products to avoid making multiple trips searching for tools and cleaner. Rags, paper towels, and a trash bag for emptying make sure equipped with the necessary cleaning supplies before you start cleaning your home.

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